Now is a good time to check your guttering to clean away all moss and leaves from the gutter so that the guttering is running freely for water. This is because in summer months gutters are easier to manage - they are supple and the plastic will come off easier. In the winter, guttering is brittle and there is more chance of splitting and damaging your guttering.

Firstly, check any joints for worn or perished rubber seals. If they are worn, it is a good time to replace the joints.

Unclip the guttering, take the old "union" joint out, and fit the new one in. Also check that the guttering is "universal" - so that the new joint you are putting in clips into it ok. Put the guttering back. Always make sure you are on a safe and sound ladder before checking or maintaining guttering.

If possible, make sure you have someone "footing" (securing) the ladder. Also make sure the ground is level and make sure your ladder is at the right angle. Please see our terms and conditions before attempting repairs or following advice.