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Kevin's tips: water repellent, protecting your brickwork

  • Protecting brickwork with repellents
  • Protecting brickwork with repellent

Now is a good time to look at your brickwork, to check that mortar is sound, to clean and remove any green moss, and than apply two coats of a good water Repellent solution, doing a section at a time.

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Covid-19 Update

With the third National Lockdown in force from 4 January 2021, we just wish to remind customers we will be continuing to remain open for business and are able to operate legally in private properties, Covid safely, subject to the government guidelines.

We are able to remain open during the new Lockdown and to provide our services safely subject to conditions below, and will continue to socially distance from customers working inside properties at all times. This is 2m distance or 1m with risk mitigation (masks). We ask customers to maintain good ventilation in working areas, keeping internal doors open in the working area. We will bring our own refreshments to reduce contact. We will regularly wash hands. We will remove any waste to avoid customer contact.

For person to person appointments to discuss prospective work, we will continue to abide by government rules on social distancing preferably in discussions outside of the property, or in well ventilated rooms if not possible, maintaining social distancing at 2m or 1m with masks. we politely ask customers to keep face to face interaction to a minimum at this time, particularly if they are vulnerable to coronavirus.

If a customer is vulnerable to Covid-19, due to pre-existing conditions, please can you advise us before works commence so we can take additional measures to minimise contact.

If a customer or occupant of the property have been asked to self-isolate, are in quarantine following foreign travel, or have symptoms of Covid-19, or test positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of work commencing or during works, please can you let us know immediately as we will need to delay works.

If you have any concerns about our working safely during the lockdown please mention them to us before starting works, as we would be happy to discuss how we operate. Thank you for your consideration.

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Kevin's tips: check your gutters in the summer months

  • Guttering repairs
  • Universal union joint
  • Different sized union joints

Now is a good time to check your guttering to clean away all moss and leaves so that the guttering is running freely for water. Check any joints for worn or perished rubber seals. If they are worn, it is a good time to replace the joints.

Read more about guttering repairs in this blog

A village pub in Eversley in Surrey

  • Complete interior redecoration and repairs to this village pub
  • Complete interior redecoration and repairs to this village pub
  • Redoration of dining area
  • brickwork designer wallpaper to make a featured part of the restaurant area
  • Supply and fit of stainless steel splashback to part of the kitchen
  • Entrance area and doors in designer paint colours

We carried out a complete interior redecoration and repairs to this country pub, including stainless steel splashback to part of the kitchen. We added new “brickwork” designer wallpaper to make a featured part of the restaurant area. Take a look at the photos above.

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Exterior of a listed building in Hants

  • Exterior walls and refurbished windows and painted walls in exterior masonry paint finish.
  • Work in progress on exterior listed building
  • Guttering repairs and replacement of fascia board on listed building
  • Finished stable door painted in designer paint on listed building

We have recently completed the exterior redecoration and repairs to a grade 2 listed building in Odiham in Hampshire. Take a look at the photos above.

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Kevin's tip - how to paint a six panel door (satin wood or gloss finish)

  • Six panel doors hung and painted in a gloss finish
  • Room with six panel door with gloss finish
  • Room with six panel door with gloss finish

Start with a slight rub down and then apply a good quality primer undercoat. Start by painting the outer edge of the door. Then continue by doing the top two panels, then the centre panels and the last two panels, working your way down. Then start with the top section of the door above the panels, then the centre vertical piece, then the horizontal section, then the vertical section and so on, and then finish off by painting the vertical sides top to bottom. Then you check the corners of each panel for any runs. This way you should avoid any runs, if applied evenly with a good quality paint brush.

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Kevin's tip - how to paint a ceiling without blemishes

A painted ceiling

Painting a ceiling using a micro-fibre smooth roller, preferably using a 9 inch roller. First of all cut round your ceiling edge and ceiling rose and coving if any. Then start to paint the ceiling loading the roller up evenly, therefore the paint will not drip. Then start rolling the ceiling widthways, keeping the roller in the same direction and trying to keep a wet edge (in other words not letting the paint dry). And try not to go in different directions to avoid any blemishes. Two coats for best results using a good quality paint.

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Kevin's Summer tip: Preparing a flaking window sill ready for painting

  • Window sill scraped off, rubbed down and primed
  • Window sill with sealer applied
  • Window sill finished with 2 top coats of microporous gloss paint

Scrape off all loose and flaking paint. And then give a good thorough rub down with good quality medium-grade (80-grade) sand paper. Then use a 120-grade sand paper. Then apply a good quality sealer coat. Then one good microporous undercoat. Finally apply two top coats of microporous gloss paint for exteriors.

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We would like your feedback

At Kevin J Powell we value our customer opinions highly. With this in mind, we would ask our customers to leave us a short and honest review after works have been completed on our new Feedback page.

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Kevin's tip - how to paint a radiator without getting runs

Radiator finished in satin finish radiator paint

Do the face of the radiator first (the grooves). Be careful to use a dry brush for the ends to make sure you don’t get any runs. Then come along the top and the face of the top of the radiator, slightly using the brush to give a nice fine finish. Don’t forget to do the side of the radiators where the brackets are, because you can generally see this. Best to use a good quality synthetic paint brush...

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More positive feedback from a customer

We would really recommend using Kevin Powell, he was very professional and helpful to us. Kevin went beyond our original agreement for decorating our flat, painting wardrobe doors and the interior front door. This was brilliant and such as great help to get the work completed promptly.

We also had Victorian fascia’s which we needed painted and refitted onto the property. Kevin did both jobs for us with a can-do attitude and now our Victorian property looks stunning.
: John and Julie Englefield from Aldershot, Hants

Kevin J Powell have performed a number of works on Victorian properties and can provide a high quality, competitive quote for your projects. Don't take our word for it though...

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Kevin's flooring tips

  • Floorboards before preparation
  • Floorboards sanded and ready for varnishing
  • floor finished with 3 coats of satin clear varnish

We can bring your old floor boards back to life! First preparation is to thoroughly knock all nail heads in, then thoroughly sand floor with two professional sanders. Then apply 3 coats of good quality floor varnish either in a matte, satin or gloss finish. For more information on how we can help, contact us today.

Professional paint spraying

Sometimes when you need a large exterior or internal area painted, professional paint spraying is the best time-saving solution. Kevin J Powell uses their multi-use equipment for paint spraying domestic properties, as well as private businesses premises and public buildings such as schools and also academies.

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A customer sings their praises of Kevin J Powell

Kevin Powell has completed several large redecorating projects for the Practice. He has at all times been courteous, professional and highly trustworthy. The works have been carried out to a very high standard and i know that from his work at the practice, many members of staff have subsequently employed him for their own homes.
: Denise Savage, Ashworth Veternary Group

Kevin J Powell have performed a number of works for private veternary customers and can provide a high quality, competitive quote for your projects. Don't take our word for it though...

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Kevin's hints and tips for Winter

Complete interior redecoration

Autumn and Winter are the seasons of beautiful colours. It is the time to think about warm room paint colours and cozy interiors to brighten up your home. Warm colours together with decorations help cheer you up after a day out at work. Changing living room paint colours make for a harmonious home.  Yellows, oranges and red inject a dash of summer for those short days and long nights.  Take a look on the Farrow & Ball website for a few ideas on different tones to use to liven up your home.

Visit the Farrow & Ball website

Repairs to a water damaged property

  • Water damage to the kitchen ceiling
  • Replacing the bowed ceiling with fresh plasterboard sections
  • Newly decorated kitchen ceiling in Farrow & Ball colours

It's every home-owners nightmare - the escape of water. Take a look at some of the photos taken and Kevin and his teams work above and read on.

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