Paint Spraying

New paint spraying service now available

We offer a range of services in all aspects of paint spraying from high-volume low pressure (HVLP) to airless piston pump spraying. We use all 3M film to protect windows, furniture etc and anything else that needs protection whilst paint spraying is in progress. Click on a 'thumbnail' image below to view the enlarged photos. You can skip between photos using the left and right arrows.

3m ready for spraying
Spraying in progress with 175 airless piston pump
Spraying over pebble dash airless piston pump
7 bed property, using the airless piston pump spray machine
7 bed property sprayed using 175 airless piston pump
School hall sprayed HVLP and piston pump
Spraying using back 175 piston pump
7 bed property, sprayed using the airless piston pump

High-volume low pressure spraying

We can collect and deliver customer items such as furniture or doors to be sprayed, which we can do in our spray booth.

We use Hvlp spray guns – which can be used to spray interiors and exteriors, including offices, nursing homes, schools, domestic projects including garage doors, garden furniture (transform old garden and interior furniture to look new), radiator covers etc. also staircases, spindles to achieve a factory finish.

These spraying machines can cope with all waterborne paints, as well as solvent paints. Kevin J Powell will be using VOC 2010-compliant (water-based) paints where possible. These are more environmentally friendly paints compliant with the latest legislation which aims to reduce the amount of environmentally damaging Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in paints.

The Turbine model hvlp spray makes the process more efficient and is portable.

Airless piston pump

We also use an airless piston pump for medium to large painting jobs, for interiors and exterior work for factories, industrial and domestic projects, new builds and property renovations. The equipment used sprays to the highest quality finish in water-based acrylics and solvents.

High quality finish and service for all your paint spraying needs

Kevin J Powell delivers the highest quality spraying products and aims to surpass our customers high expectations at a very competitive price. Please contact us for a free estimate or call or email us to discuss your spraying requirements.

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